The very second that I heard about this magnificent Margarita/snack mash-up, I just knew I had to bring it to life!  What a beautifully strange snack this is, in the best way ever!

~And just in time for Cinco De Mayo!

It’s almost as if the Margarita and Guacamole were meant to be together, and no one ever knew it until now.  I found myself wondering how I’ve spent my whole life enjoying regular, plain, sober Guacamole…lol!

Make sure that the kiddos don’t partake in this tipsy treat, it packs a huge punch!  I only added what I thought was a few drops of Tequila and whoa…I was Guacamole wasted!  😉

The subtle Tequila flavor totally brings out the Guacamole greatness and leaves you feeling all, umm..warm inside.  While the salted rim and Lime wedges give you that authentic Margarita feel and adorable presentation!

~Have a designated driver available, just in case!  🙂

What you’ll need to get 6-8 people Guacamole wasted (feel free to double this accordingly to inebriate a larger crowd):

2 Avocados

1/4 cup Sour Cream

2 small Tomatoes..chopped

1-2 Jalapenos..chopped (optional)

1 packet of Guacamole Seasoning

3 tablespoons Tequila




First, start by salting the rim of your serving bowl by running a piece of Lime around the edge and dipping it into salt…

Scoop out the Avocados, and chop up the Tomato and Jalapeno…

In a medium bowl, use a fork and mash it all together with the seasoning packet and sour cream…

Now, drizzle in the Tequila & mix it up!  Umm..make sure and measure it, I forgot to do that and the room was spinning after 3 Guacamole!

I’ve always used Chips as a bed for my Guacamole, I don’t know why and I know it’s odd, but strangely it ends up being everyone’s favorite part.  Especially when they’re soaked in Tequila…

This Guac. has a huge WOW factor when you serve it up…

It’s so pretty with some Lime wedges just hanging out on the rim…

Don’t gulp this too fast, but enjoy!  🙂

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