Do you ever wish you could escape your present reality and beam yourself somewhere fun, somewhere you can indulge in bright, colorful lights, games and fantasy fried foods? too! LOL!  That’s probably what possesed me to fry up some Candy Bars in my own kitchen.  All I can say is, it sure turned that end of meal treat into an Amusement park-like experience, minus all the lines!  🙂

The kids went crazy and my entire house smelled like one giant Funnel Cake!  These are SO simple and so decadently delicious. don’t have to wrestle with any gooey, messy batter, and dirty bowls~NOPE!  ~If you haven’t had the pleasure of a hot & gooey, melted Snickers Bar running down your chin, you haven’t!

These babies are hugged & snugged by fluffy, flaky Biscuits that become Donut-like when fried..SOoOoo, basically these are Candy Bar filled Donuts on a stick…quick, hold me!  🙂

What you’ll need:

1 container of Pillsbury grands Flaky layers Biscuits (8ct.)

Your favorite Candy Bars..I used Snickers, Payday and Reese’s PB Cups!

Powdered Sugar for dusting

Oil for frying

Sticks for Sticking  🙂

Cupcake Papers..optional


Roll out each Biscuit large enough to wrap around your choice of Candy Bar, place the Candy Bar in the center…

Roll it up, making sure to seal it VERY well…

Fry them up until they’re evenly golden.

Let them cool a bit and insert a stick halfway into the Candy Bar…

Sprinkle them with some Powderred Sugar, for that authentic State Fair feeling!

Take a nice big gooey, Amusement Park style bite!  ~Enjoy! 🙂

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