Are you up for a dare??

Before you say yes, just know that it will require you to indulge in major, over the top, extreme Hot Doggery!  I’m talking about a Meat on Meat monstrosity that will leave you feeling, ashamed and satisfied all at the same time, much like all exciting relationships!  🙂

This is a tasty & torturous mix of emotions, but SO worth it!  Make a bunch of these Double Dogs, and tempt everyone with them, that way you’re not the only one compromising every bit of shameless self-respect you have!

~Remember that time you had a Salad?? <<yeah, draw strength from that!  🙂

So here it is..I double dog dare you to take 2 Hot Dogs, wrap them in Bacon, load them up with your favorite fixin’s and own that Dog like it’s the last Hot Dog you’ll ever eat!  …because it just might be…HAHA~kidding!  😉

What you’ll need:

Hot Dogs..2 per bundle

Bacon..2 slices per bundle


A grill of some sort

No shame

People that love you regardless of what you eat!


Stick a skewer 3/4 of the way into each Hot Dog

Wrap 2 of them together with the Bacon slices…

Place them onto a HOT grill…

Grill each side until it’s to your liking!

Serve them up and act like you don’t care that your eating it, stand tall..own it~

~cry to a friend in the morning!  ~Enjoy! 🙂


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