Top tips for making food for a big night in.

You’ve got your friends coming round for a decidedly chilled affair and as it’s more about catching up than gulping down pints you’ll want to put on some food. You could raid the kitchen drawer for a takeaway menu but then again you could show off your cooking skills and impress your pals with your culinary secrets. The only problem is making sure you have some to share!

If you do choose the latter then you’ve got to remember a few essential tips in order to make sure your guests will come back again and again.

Keep it simple

Remember that is not a formal soiree that you’re putting on. Your friends aren’t expecting a sit-down dinner with their napkins tucked into their shirts and lobster bisque to start. Thesimpler you keep the meal, the more time you’ll get to actually spend with your friends and the less opportunity there is for things to go wrong.

Homemade pizzas are easy to prepare and show that you’re keen on cooking. The dough can be prepared and frozen in advance and then the tomato base, cheese and any toppings you desire can be added with the whole thing in the oven 15 minutes before the guests arrive, reaching golden brown perfection just as they walk through the door. 

 Sharing is caring

The best way to make sure you don’t have to worry about dishing up equal portions is to put everything out to share. Putting your mains on wooden boards and providing plates means that everyone can take as much or as little as they please – providing greedier friends leave some for the others of course!

A sharing bowl of McCain fries means that everyone can dig in when they please, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy the night for what it is – time shared with good company.

 Big portions show a big heart

You don’t want to leave stomachs rumbling now, do you? If you have a party of three heading over then prepare enough food for four, that way you know your guests won’t go hungry. Too much food is better than not enough and anything that is left when your friends depart can be saved until the next day and eaten as part of your lunch. If you’re going for the host with the most then you could even distribute any leftovers among the attendees when they leave – it’s still far more cost-effective than forking out for a takeaway.

Try these Bacon Fries the next time you need to make tons of people really, really happy! 🙂


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