This S’mores Cake is so incredible, SO irresistable, it will almost make you want to leave the house in the morning, just so you can home to it!  You will smell this moist, scoopable, Chocolaty dream come true as soon as you pull up to your house after a long day at hell work..or shopping!

If Cake, Fudge, S’mores and Bread Pudding all got together and had an embarrassingly wild party..this would be the Love-Child that one of them would’ve produced and then denied..haha!  🙂

Grab some Graham Cracker “spoons” and dig into that Marshmallow River of Heaven while it’s hot and gooey.

~Grab a hot cup of Coffee, sit back and let ‘something’ else make Dessert for YOU for a!

What you’ll need:

1 box of Chocolate Cake Mix

1 conatiner of Marshmallow Fluff

Graham Crackers (spoons)

A slow cooker (I used a small one)

Self Control!


In a bowl mix up the Cake mix according to the box directions…

Pour the batter into the Slow Cooker and turn it on “Low”..judge your size of Slow Cooker and if it’s a large one…add a bit more liquid to your batter, just so it has enough moisture to cook without getting dry!  If it’s a little too dry, simply add a few drops of Milk or water as you fluff up the Cake.

Cook it on low for approx.  6-8 hours, but use your judgement depending on the size of your slow cooker.

When you’re reaedy to serve, swirl in the Marshmallow Fluff, gently breaking up the moist Cake as you add the Fluff.  Don’t stir too much, so you have those sticky Marshmallow Rivers all-a-flowing…

Serve it nice & warm…

Grab a Graham Cracker “Spoon:” and take a Chocolaty wet, gooey bite!  ~Enjoy!  🙂



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