So, my obsession with weekends have totally taken on a whole new meaning!  It used to start bright and early Monday morning, where instead of business,  thoughts of undone laundry, forgotten shopping, and movies I didn’t have a chance to watch, made the list of “next weekend’s things to do”.  But since I’ve been on this weird breakfast kick lately, my weekend list has become nothing but Breakfast recipe to-do’s!

These whimsical, little bites of Strawberry Pancake Popper Paradise will put a smile on everyone’s “weekend face” in a matter of seconds!

Plump, fresh & juicy Strawberries, coated in sweet Pancake batter and fried to a delicious golden Amber hue~Then dusted in Powdered Sugar and plunged deep into a pool of warm Maple Syrup.

~Ohhh Sweet Mother of Breakfast, until you’ve had a fried warm Strawberry, you haven’t lived…there’s nothing like it!  Go do this…go! 🙂

What you’ll need for a giant pile of Poppers: 

Lots of fresh Strawberries

2 cups of prepared Pancake Batter (use your box directions)

Syrup for dunking

Powdered Sugar for dusting

Oil for frying..I used Canola!


Prepare your favorite Pancake batter as usual…

Dip each Strawberry into the batter and coat it almost all the way to the stem…

Gently drop it into the hot Oil (350 degrees) and fry them up until they’re evenly golden.  Placce them on some Paper Towel to drail and cool.

Dust them with some Powdered Suagr, all nice & prettyful!

Put out a nice bowl of Warm Maple Syrup, enough to share with people you really, reeaallly like~

That includes YOU!  ~Enjoy!  🙂


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