It’s one thing to enjoy a Grilled Cheese Sandwich, you know..two slices of Bread held together by a slice of ooey-gooey melty Cheese.

It’s a whole other thing to enjoy a crazy, colossal tower of Bacon, held together by piles of ooey-gooey Cheese and many slices of buttered Bread~!

This sandwich takes Grilled Cheese up to levels only fantasized about by most people..until now. An entire pound of Bacon is literally drowning in a pound of Colby-Jack Cheese, melted to perfection and resting gently on some buttered & toasted Whole Wheat Bread.

~The Bread is really just there to make it socially acceptable~feel free to only eat the Cheesy Bacon if you just don’t care…lol! 🙂

What you’ll need (this makes enough Grilled Cheese sandwiches for about 4 ‘normal’ people):

1 lb. Bacon~crispy

1 lb. Colby-Jack Cheese (or any cheese you like)

Six slices of Bread..makes 3 LARGE sandwiches, cut in half to share!

Butter..enough for both sides of your bread.


Butter the Bread, add the Cheese and the Bacon.  Grill it on both sides until the Cheese is all melty …and ooey …and gooey …and crazy good!

Now~~Eat it!  ~Enjoy!  🙂


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