I’m not too sure what took me so long to share this one, but here it is.  I know it’s different, I know to some it might be over-the-top, but it’s become a family favorite around here that’s for sure.  Such a fun and yummy way to jazz up Burger night!

You can’t beat this best of both worlds burger that offers up SO much flavor with each succulent bite!  A thick, juicy all Beef Burger is seasoned up with the flavors of Italy and topped with a succulent, forked twist of Creamy and Cheesy, Basil ribboned Fettuccini!  To. Die. For!

What you’ll need:

A Burger seasoned with Italian Seasoning.

Your favorite Fettuccin Alfredo.

A good Hamburger Bun..OR even better, maybe some Garlic Toast!


Cook up your Burgers to your liking.

Set them on the Bun and top them generously with a swirl of Creamy and Cheesy Fettuccini.


Such a fun and unique presentation!  Eat them up~  Forks optional!  🙂


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