So, I just had to take my Gingerbread love affair to another level.  Ohhh..Sure, it’s great in the evening as a dessert, or even mid-day as a sweet treat, but I wanted to find a way to get my Gingerbread on in the morning too!  And what better way to jazz up breakfast that with Gingerbread?!

French Toast is socially acceptable in any form and therefore, this is just!  Thick slabs of sweet and slightly spicy Gingerbread is stacked with a smooth cascade of melty Butter and rivers of Syrup!  ~GOOD MORNING!

What you’ll need:

Gingerbread Cake~  Either store bought or you can bake your own.

1 cup of Milk

1 Egg




Cut the Gingerbread into manageable squares.

In a medium bowl beat the Egg into the Milk.

Dip each one into the Egg.Milk making sure to evenly coat each side very well…

Cook up the Gingerbread on a griddle as you would regular French Toast…

Stack it up…

And add Butter & Syrup.  Eat it!  ~Enjoy! 🙂

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