I know~~this is CRAZY!!  But what can I say?  What can I ever say..lol!

This combo just came naturally to me and was bound to happen sooner or later, if not by me, then by someone!  So don’t fight it…BITE IT!! ..HAHA!  😉

What you’ll need for the most outrageous Cinnamon Roll/Sundae you’ll ever experience:

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls with enclosed Frosting

Your favorite Ice Cream..mini containers work great for cutting to fit the Rolls!

A “do whatever you want” attitude..lol!  🙂


Bake the Cinnamon Rolls according to the package instructions…

Frost them and then sandwich two Rolls with a nice, thick layer of Ice Cream.  I used the mini Ice Cream containers, they’re the perfect size to cut and fit perfectly between the Rolls…

Add more frosting Because..duh!  Now…EAT IT!  🙂  ~Enjoy!

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