In our hustle and bustle, ‘on-the-go’ lives, it’s sometimes hard to take the time to sit down at a table, use the appropriate manners and eat a giant Bacon Cheeseburger..ain’t nobody got time for that…haha!

BUT, these tasty little Bacon Cheeseburger Burger Bombs offer up all of that huge ‘Cheeseburgery’ goodness without any of that annoying sit-at-the-table, have conversation with family and friends!  🙂

Make a big pile of these, throw them down on a coffee table somewhere, and now you have the perfect game-day snack that you actually get to partake in, and as a bonus, they’re almost mess free!  I say “almost mess free”, because more than likely you will have some men eating them right?! ..haha! 😉

Find the full recipe and directions right here >>






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