I did it~  I’ve taken one of my all-time my favorite desserts and made it HUGE!  Not only is it huge, but what used to be super labor intensive is now super simple.  And that’s exactly what I need in order to combine great flavors with great impressions…simple, easy and totally tasty!

This cake is a show-stopper and will have everyone’s attention the second you start torching it.  Make it part of the ‘entertainment’ and crack through that sweet sugar shell right at the table.  Once you slice into the creamy, moist cake, you’ll be lucky to have any left for you!  🙂

What you’ll need: 

**DISREGARD THE FROSTING in the pic~!  I didn’t end up using it!  🙂  **

1 box of White Cake Mix

2 cups of prepared Vanilla Pudding

2 cups Sugar

A round cake pan~~for that authentic Creme Brulee look

A torch


Bake the Cake according to the box instructions…

Let it cool and poke holes evenly through the top of the cake with a fork…

Make the Pudding…nice and thick!

Cover it with the Vanilla Pudding…kind of gently filling up all the holes the best you can.  It won’t all go in there and that’s ok!

Top the Pudding with the Sugar…

Torch that baby good.  You want an evenly golden sweet Sugar Shell…

Crack through that that sugary, creamy moist Creme Brulee CAKE!

Take the BEST bite EVER!  ~Enjoy!  🙂





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