I just adore this time of year, because we get to celebrate Easter, and family, and love…..AND we get to abuse PEEPS!

Yeah…I’m pretty sure I get way more pleasure out of this than I should…but oh well!  I’ve never been a big PEEPS fan anyway, so this is extra fun for me!  Not to mention that this particular PEEP abuse, makes them totally AMAZING, and it makes me actually love them~  it’s a dysfunctional, damaging love, but love it is!!  😉

Fried Cinnamon Roll fluff balls are filled and bursting with ooey-gooey, melty PEEPS.

Thanks to the blistering, hot oil, those poor little things didn’t feel a thing..lol!

If you can imagine a Cinnamon Roll doughnut filled with sticky sweet melty Marshmallows~  then you can pretty much understand how epic these are!  Make a huge batch and just sit back and watch everyone LOVE those PEEPS!

What you’ll need for 16 perfectly puffy and pretty fried PEEPS:

1 container of Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon Rolls (8 count)

PEEPS…one per each dough ball

Powdered Sugar for dusting…optional

Oil for frying~  I used Canola


Cut each Cinnamon Roll in half…(unless you’re using the smaller Cinnamon Rolls, then leave them whole) , Roll out each half gently using a dash of flour if necessary…Place a poor helpless PEEP  in the center and work that Cinnamon Roll dough around it until it’s sealed completely…

Make sure they’re all sealed up…

Now,  in a medium pot, fry them up one at a time in the oil.  Just until the dough is golden on both sides, some of the PEEPS might ooze out a little bit, and that’s just fine…they’re only trying to escape.  They will firm up as they cool slightly! 🙂

Make sure to serve them nice and warm!

Pop one into your mouth asap…and you will love those PEEPS from now on!  ~Enjoy!  🙂


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