Have you ever wished that your Frito Pie could fit in the palm of your hand, able to go with you wherever you need to go, without the need of a pesky fork?  Have you ever wished that your typical Taco could be as delicious and fun as a crunchy Frito Pie?

..No, not really you say??  Well…let’s change your mind! 🙂

We’ll start with these “Taco Shells” made entirely of Buttery Crescent Dough and grilled to a slight crisp.  Think of them as a Soft AND Crunchy Shell all at the same time..BEST Taco Shell EVER!

Try getting that at the drive-thru, ~Ahhh the confusion it would cause..lol!

Then you totally stuff those Shells with your favorite hot & sassy Chili,  topped with Cheese, and a Ha-uuge handful of Fritos, oh my!

Add on some Lettuce, Tomatoes..and any other Taco/Frito Pie toppings you can think of.  Now you’re ready to take that Frito Pie anywhere you need to go (most likely into the kitchen to go grab another Frito Pie Taco)!  🙂

These are To. Die. For YUMMY and SO simple!!  I know saying this is so 2 years ago..but I’m gonna say it ~~”WINNING”~ 🙂

What you’ll need for 4 large, super stuffed Frito pie Tacos {Double accordingly for more}:

1 Pillsbury Crescent Seamless Dough Sheet

1 Can of Chili (your fave variety)

Some Shredded Cheese..for topping

Some Shredded Lettuce..for topping

Some Chopped Tomatoes..for topping

Some Sour Cream..for topping

A sprinkle of Flour

A drizzle of Olive Oil

A Griddle

A wire rack..to cool and mold the Shells


Roll out the Crescent Dough super thin, use a sprinkle of flour to help…

Cut out 4-4″ circles, I used a bowl as a guide.  You may need to re-roll the dough to get that very last circle.

Drizzle the griddle with a little bit of Olive Oil and grill up the Shells, until they’re golden on each side.

~Watch them carefully, they can burn…

Gently drape the warm Crescent Circles over a wire rack to create the Shells.  I raised up the rack a bit by resting it on 2 glasses, so the Shells would have enough room.  They will crisp up as they cool…

Once the Shells are cooled, you can start filling them up!  This is the fun part, add whatever you love on your Frito Pie…

Don’t forget the Sour Cream…

You won’t need to call anyone to the table..they’ll already be there!  ~Enjoy! 🙂


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