What can I say?  This has been in my brain for years and the other day, someone else had the guts to do it!  I was only waiting for the day that I’d have the guts to do it, but that day never quite came…haha!  Sooo..I can now piggy-back on their craziness and YUM, I’m so happy I did!

I’ve never had SPAM before and honestly, if it wasn’t fried beyond recognition, I probably wouldn’t eat it again.  BUT..this method is AMAZING!  First of all, they are like crispy sticks of the BEST Bacon EVER!  Not even kidding!  They’re so crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside!! Not to mention the smell they create as they’re frying away in pretty much their own oil..lol, that fills the house with deliciousness.

I’m holding back on all the jokes I’d like to tell about how “redneck” this snack might be, or how they should totally sell them fresh and hot at the Walmart check out line~ I’ll also refrain from mentioning that they actually create tons of their own oil as they fry…lol!

~Just go do this at least once in your life…trust me!!  🙂

What you’ll need:

SPAM~  a much as you’d like!  Make lots!

Oil for frying..I used Canola.

Mustard for dipping, of course!


Slice the SPAM block into about 1/4″ slices…

Then cut each of the slices into 4 sticks each…

Fry them up about 4-6 at a time in 350 degree oil…

Let them cool on some paper towel.

Serve them up and watch the surprised frenzy they cause…

Eat them up…they are SO good!  ~Enjoy! 🙂



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