Well, Spring has sprung, and we know what that means…Summer is right around the corner!  Aaand that means, the kids are home, the grill is fired up, and the sweaty yard work is in full force!  Luckily all those things make it ok to indulge in whatever it takes to cool us off and remain tolerable by the other sweaty people that have to put up with us.

A beer at 9 am…no biggie~  Jumping into the pool with your clothes on…no biggie~  Eating Ice Cream everyday all day…yep, no biggie!  Have you noticed that Lemon seems to be at the top of  the flavor list when it comes to true Summer refreshment?! …right below that Beer!  😉

These simple, sweet & refreshing, no-bake Lemony Bars will have you going from a hot-head to a cool-cat in 2 bites or less.  A sweet Sugar Cookie crust is the perfect bed for a thick, cold layer of Vanilla Ice Cream and a silky smooth smear of Lemon goodness!

~Make a huge pan of these bars and keep them in the freezer for a quick grab-and-cool-off snack all Summer long!

What you’ll need:

An approx.  8×11 baking pan, at least 2″ deep~  (OR any deep pan will work as long as you have enough ingredients to fill it)

1-1lb. roll of Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough

2-10 oz. jars of Lemon Curd

1-1.5 quart container of Vanilla Ice Cream…or any flavor you like!  Make sure it’s super soft, NOT totally melted!


Line your pan with parchment paper…Ta-Rust me!

Push that Sugar down into the bottom of the pan evenly…

Bake it according to the package instructions, you wan it to be like a big Cookie when it’s done…if you like a softer cookie, make it softer…etc.

Let the Cookie crust cool completely, and pour the super softened >> NOT totally melted << Ice Cream evenly over the Cookie crust.

Put it into the freezer until it firms up.

NOW~ Evenly top the Ice cream with the Lemon Curd.  If the Curd is too thick, microwave it for a couple of seconds so it’s spreadable…

Lift them out easily with that Parchment Paper…

Serve them up, and store them in the freezer for a quick and refreshing summertime treat!

PS…they go great with a Beer..lol!  ~Enjoy!  🙂



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