Sshhh! Close your eyes…and imagine for one moment a 2 foot long, buttery, garlicy loaf of warm, tender Garlic Bread that’s filled with 2 types of Cheese and thick, juicy Hamburgers.  Now, open your eyes, and look at this!

You don’t have to dream, it’s right here.  It’s real.  You can almost touch it, smell it, taste it….love it!  Juicy Hamburgers are lovingly sandwiched between an ooey-gooey, Buttery and Garlicy LARGE  loaf of Garlic Bread…OMG!

Take that Patio cook-out to the next level this Summer, and wow everyone BIG TIME!

Right here ready and waiting to turn your regular Burger into the most amazing, totally unforgettable Cheeseburger experience you’ve ever had!  And there’s enough of this Cheeseburger experience to share with 10-12 of your closest friends!

~The WOW factor will send everyone over the delicious edge!

What you’ll need:

One loaf of Buttered, and Garlicy Bread.  (Either store bought, or homemade)

2 lbs. Sliced Cheeses..your faves!

Hamburgers~!  I used store bought, but you can use what you like!


(Butter both sides of the Bread if necessary, and add a layer of Fresh, Chopped Garlic…if you’re making your own!)

Layer the Garlic Bread Loaf with the Cooked Hamburgers and layers of Cheese…

Bake it in the Oven at 350 for approx. 15 minutes, or until everything is toasty, cheesy and irresistible.

Plate it up!

Watch the look on everyone’s faces…

Slice it up into manageable slices…Share with many, many people …

Listen for the Oooh’s and Ahhh’s!

Dont’ forget about YOU!  ~Enjoy! 🙂



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