Oooo….I’m not sure where to start!  If I had to explain these (which clearly I do, since this is a BLOG and all) I would simply say that this grilled cheese is the pinnacle of grilled cheeses!  And by “Pinnacle” I mean they’re the TOPS!

And YES..of course, you can add Bacon to make it even more “pinnacally’!  I know you guys by now..haha!  🙂

Each of these over-the-top gooey, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches are not only delicious, but EPIC!  I’m talking about two thick, buttery and Cheese coated slabs of Texas Toast, dripping in Butter and crusted with a thick layer of crispy Parmesan Cheese!  And we’re not even to the inside yet!  Nope…one bite reveals cascades of drippy, melty Cheese…if Heaven were made of food…this would be IT!

Each bite starts with a crisp crack through the nutty, Parmesan crispy, crunchy shell, and then you sink slowly and deeply throughout the thick, buttery Texas Toast, into a warm, creamy cushion of melty, gooey cheese that makes you say things you never thought you’d say to food..haha!

~Serve them warm with an ice cold bottle of fruity Beer…if you so choose of course!

What you’ll need:

Texas Toast..I used the pre-made frozen kind~  YUM!

4 slices of your favorite Cheese per each sandwich!

Parmesan Cheese…about 1/2 cup per each Sandwich!

Melted Butter…enough to brush onto each sandwich!

A griddle/grill


Brush each TOP piece of toast with some melts butter…

Then coat it with the Parmesan Cheese…get a nice, thick layer on there.  Don’t be shy!

Place it cheese side down onto a hot and buttered grill.  Place all of your sliced cheeses onto it, and repeat the process with the top piece of Toast!

Flip it over when it starts to get golden and crispy…

Serve them up warm!!

And go for it!  ~Enjoy!  🙂


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