Not sure about the climate where you live, but I’m in the Southwest, and I’ve literally been melting!  I only had 3 choices:

1.  I could get drunk to forget about it.

2.  I could live on a diet of Ice Cream to maintain a reasonable body temperature.

3.  I could do both!

Guess which one I pick..haha!  🙂

I know there are SO many shakes, Smoothies, Malts and Ice Creamy creations out there right now, and trust me..I’ve loved my fair share, but THIS one…OMG..this one, is To. Die. For!

The combo of Baileys and Malt is beyond delicious, and it’s all suspended inside a thick vanilla Bean Ice Cream cloud of coolness!  Whip up a few for your next gathering and no one will ever leave your house~  be sure you like everyone a whole LOT!

What you’ll need  (amounts are up to you):

Vanilla Ice Cream


Crushed Malted Milk Balls..I used WHOPPERS!

Whipped Cream

Chocolate Sauce

Big Mugs


Crush up a cup or so per each portion of Malt Balls

Add the Ice Cream to a bowl and stir in the Baileys…

And then the crushed Malt Balls…

Swirl some Chocolate Sauce around the inside of your Mug, and pour it in there, top it with some Whipped Cream and Chocolate Sauce..maybe some leftover crushed Malt Balls.

Slurp away your cranky, sweaty hotness…and feel SO good…haha!  ~Enjoy! 🙂

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