Now that we’re in the full swing of blistering heat and record high temps. it’s the perfect time to not use the oven!  In fact, I don’t even like to look at the oven when it’s SO!  But that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice delicious desserts!  Nope!

I’ve been seeing lots and lots of these no bake freezer Pies lately and I think I’ve found a new favorite way to “bake”!

My very first freezer Pie just had to be an Oreo version!  One, because I love OREO’s and two, because I reeaallly LOVE OREO’s!  🙂

~So it just made sense!  Perfect, cold, creamy, no-bake…NO OVEN sense!  🙂

This Pie is such a refreshing way to cool off while you enjoy a sweet, fluffy and light summertime dessert, while you’re not sweating!  Everyone will want the recipe and they’ll be shocked when they find out just how easy this is!

What you’ll need:

A freezer safe pan~  I used a square 8×8 pan

..about 1-1/2 packages of OREOS!

1 tub of Cool Whip..or you can make your own whipped topping!

Some Chocolate Sauce for drizzling…optional!


**Prepare with at least a 2 hour lead time…or overnight!

First open the package…haha!

Yeah~  I don’t know why Nabisco thought that trapping the outer 2 rows of cookies and most of the other unreachable cookies was a good idea..but with the help of some scissors,  I won!  🙂

Roughly crush up about two rows of OREOS ( I used my hands) ..and gently fold the crumbles into the Cool Whip…

Now it’s just a matter of layering!  Start with a bottom layer of whole OREOS…

Then a nice, even layer of the OREO filled Cool Whip…

Then another layer of whole OREOS…

And a final topping of the Cool Whip.  You can go as high as you want~  I found two layers to be perfect!

Now, top the whole thing with as many crushed OREOS as you’d like!

And into the freezer it goes for at least a couple of hours!

Take the chill off of it for a few minutes before cutting into it.  This cuts up so nicely, as the OREOS get soft and creamy!  The transformation is amazing~  those simple and easy layers, become this incredible dessert!  Thank you freezer!  🙂

Now grab a plate, and a spoon, or a fork, and drizzle the top with some Chocolate topping, if you’d like!  ~I liked!  🙂

Dig in!  Taste the sweet refreshment of the best summertime dessert EVER!  ~Enjoy! 🙂

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