Wanna know how to make women happy?  Wanna know what we all love? ..that BIG age-old secret that us girls hold near and dear to our hearts?  Ok~  I’ll tell you, but you can’t tell anyone that I told you…and I’ll find out if you told..cuz that’s what girls do, we find out!! ..haha!

So are you ready? Here it is~  We (most of us..NOT all) LOVE sweets!  Warm, sticky, sugary sweets!  AND…We (most of us.NOT all..lol)  LOVE Wine!  Well, sit down and be amazed,  because I’ve combined those two great things, to create a one-of-a-kind, fluffy dough puff of sweet, wine-jelly-filled doughnutty delight!  🙂

These are sure to create an entire planet of happy women!!  YES, a world of happy women, can you imagine?  Imagine the peace, the joy, the calm of Men everywhere..haha!

~All of this pleasure can be yours…it’s true!

Behold the ‘Red Wine Jelly Doughnut’!  A pop in your mouth, buttery and fluffy, warm doughnut, filled with the sweetest, and tastiest Wine Jelly that your happy mind can imagine!  They melt in your mouth and take you to places you’ve never been!

These go SUPER FAST!!!  But there will be time for you to be the hero of any party, get together, pot-luck, or chick-flick movie marathon!

Make a huge batch of these, and make the world a better place!!  🙂

What you’ll need for 32 scrumptious mini doughnuts filled with sweet wine LOVE:

1 container of Pillsbury Grands Flaky Layers Biscuits (8 count)

Oil for frying …I used Canola

1-2 cups Sugar for dusting

A pastry bag and tip OR a Zip Lock Bag and tip!

The Wine Jelly…SOOO easy!

2 cups of Red Wine..whatever you like!

3-1/4 cups Sugar

1-3oz. pouch of liquid Pectin


MAKE THE JELLY THE DAY BEFORE!!!  It needs to set up for about a day..or at the very least, over night!

In a large pot simmer the Wine and Sugar together until it’s completely dissolved.

Squeeze in the Pectin pouch and stir for about 4 minutes.

Skim off any foam from the top  if there is any.

Pour into your glass jars and place them into the fridge!  This will make about 3 cups of Jelly so you will have plenty left over for gifts, or snacks…or just a spoon~  it’s THAT good!

Now for the Doughnuts!

…cut each biscuit into 4 pieces…

Roll them into balls…

Fry them up in about 2″ of oil…

Sprinkle them with Sugar when they’re nice and hot…

Let them cool…and fill them up, by gently inserting the pastry bag into each Doughnut, and lightly squeezing the Jelly in there~

Now for the BEST part, grabbing a plate of these babies, and a glass of Wine of course…

And eating these..ALL of these…one at a melt in your mouth time!  ~Enjoy!  🙂






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