While preparing for a fun, friendly, food-filled gathering at my casa, I had just finished filling up all of my serving snack bowls with Chips, Pretzels, Cheetos and Nuts, and I looked around and realized that… I was bored..lol!  Totally, burnt out, blah, {yawwwn} BORED!  Bored of the every day, typical, hand-to-mouth snacks that, while good…are simply over-used and tired.

I needed a new, exciting snack in my life that would wow this crowd..the crowd that has seen every blah and boring snack at my house, and never once complained (that I could hear anyway..haha)!

I wanted to give them something to talk about, something that would make them smack their lips..something that might even require napkins darn it!  And here we are!  🙂

NO~  I didn’t invent Onion Straws..I just jazzed them up a bit with the addition of some Ranch Seasoning and tasty Buttermilk… WHOA!  This crazy colossal pile of  perfectly fried fun left everyone speechless..mostly because they had their mouths full..but still!  🙂

What you’ll need:

2-3 medium.large Onions

2 cups Buttermilk

1.5 cups of Flour

1 packet of Ranch Dressing/Seasoning

Oil for frying..I used Canola

A couple of large bowls and a strainer


First, slice up your Onions super-duper thin..I used a Mandolin, but a sharp knife will do just fine!

Place the sliced Onions into a large bowl and pour the Buttermilk all over them, making sure they’re all getting a nice coating!

In a large bowl combine the Flour and the Ranch Seasoning packet until it’s all mixed.

Now, grab a pile of Onions from the Buttermilk, and let the excess drip away.  Place them into the strainer and over a bowl dust them with the flour mixture, giving them a shake to coat them evenly.

Drop them in small/medium batches gently into the hot Oil (filled about 2″ at 350 degrees) and use a fork to keep them kind of separated…

Drain them…

Salt them while they’re hot…

Let them cool, just a bit..come on, you can do it!

And now, for the love of all that’s good in this world…EAT THEM!

ALL of them…lol!  ~Enjoy!  🙂





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