Life at my house is super fun when the little kiddos come around.  Why?  Because I get to make them all the goodies that they can’t have at their houses..Muuahhh!

Of course, I don’t go too crazy~  I keep it reasonable, with just a small, ‘excessive amount of sugar’, and just a tiny bit of  ‘waaay too big portions’.  What can I say..they love me, and I want to keep it that!  🙂

This french toast speaks to that child in all of us, while at the same time, providing a glorious start (or end) to any day, in the most fun and tastiest sway EVER!  Behold…Cake Batter French Toast!

Buttery Hawaiian Bread is dipped in a rich and luscious cake batter, then slathered with frosting and showered with happy little sprinkles…it’s TO DIE FOR DELICIOUS!!!

What you’ll need for 4-6 slices:

4-6 slices of Bread..I used Hawaiian Bread for sweetness

The Batter~

1 cup of dry cake mix..I used Butter Pecan flavor..but ANY flavor will work!

2 large Eggs

1/4 – 1/2 OR SO cup of Milk…you want the batter a slightly thin “pancake batter” consistency

1 tsp. of Vanilla OR Almond extract..I like Almond for this.

White Frosting, warmed up for the toping

Colorful Sprinkles of your choice

non-stick spray


In a medium shallow bowl, combine the cake mix, eggs, extract, and splashes of milk, (and some sprinkles..optional) until the desired consistency is achieved…

Dip one slice of bread at a time into the batter, making sure to evenly coat both sides.

Place it onto a noon-stick sprayed griddle, and cook until both sides are evenly golden..

Stack them up while they’re still a bit warm…

Drizzle them with some warmed up frosting…

And a nice shower of sprinkles…


~Enjoy all the smiles!  🙂


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