Sooo, by now most of the planet has had the hilarious pleasure of ‘meeting’ and falling madly in love with Auntie Fee.  If not, just take a peek at this >>


Or you can see her on Jimmy Kimmel here >>

I’m not sure what to say about Auntie Fee, other than I love her!  In a world of anonymity and photo-shopping, Auntie Fee is the real deal, and I just love that to pieces!  Apparently so does the rest of the universe, because she is EV. RY. WHERE!

When I saw her “Punk Ass Cinnamon Rolls”, I knew that I had to recreate them!  Why? because I am the queen of simple and easy, AND because YUMMM!

~So here we are, and let me tell you…these may be ‘Punk Ass’, but they are awesome!!  Thank you Auntie Fee!!  Go give her some love!

What you’ll need:

Some ‘old’ grease..approx. 2″ in a shallow fry pan!

Some canned biscuits…”cheap-ass doughnuts or whatever”…lol

The Filling:

Butter, Cinnamon, Sugar ‘and sh*t’  …(1/2 cup softened Butter mixed with 1/2 cup Cinnamon/Sugar)

Some ‘cheap-ass’ frosting..for dipping!  …optional!


In a medium bowl combine the butter and the Cinnamon/Sugar…

Mix until well blended…

Spread out the dough and sh*t.

Smash it out so it’s even and sh*t….”you smash it out the way that you wanna smash it out”…  🙂

Spread some of the “sh*t” (Cinnamon/Sugar Butter) in the middle of it…

Roll it up reaaal good “so the sh*t don’t seep out”…

Stretch them out just a bit..seal all of the edges!

Now..the grease gotta be ‘hot-hot’, so they cook right away…

Fry them up and let them cool just a bit..on some cheap-ass napkins…

NOW..”get all ‘close up on it”…”break it” “See all the sh*t running out?”… LOL!

You can share with lots of people…

If you’d like some frosting for these Punk-Ass Cinnamon Rolls…just use some pre-made, store bought sh*t!

Use the lid as a serving dish…to keep with the theme here..haha!  🙂

~Enjoy! : )


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