I recently had the pleasure of creating a recipe for Farmland Foods!  I could totally stop there, and I know you all would understand how amazing that is, but I’ll continue..haha!

Fist of all, I knew that I wanted to do something creative, and of course something different, but I never could’ve imagined that what started out as a fun Bacon creation, would turn into something THIS delicious, THIS easy, and THIS unforgettable!

Talk about unique, talk about tasty, talk about Bacon///and you’re totally talking about these hot dogs!

Crunch down through that twisted, crispy Potato Chip crust and deep into the smokiest, most beautiful Bacon bundle of joy you’ve ever seen!  Continue on, and now you’re popping through the juiciest, and tastiest fried Hot Dog EVER!  This flavor combo is not of this Earth~ it’s out of this world!

This recipe would be perfect for tailgating!  You can assemble them at home and simply fry them up right there on (or near) your tailgate…lol!

~You will be the Prince or Princess of the parking lot with a batch of these babies! 

Farmland Bacon is top quality, and made these the absolute best they could be.  Each perfectly marbled slice is consistently the same thickness, making even cooking a breeze.  And don’t get me started on the flavor~WOW!  Deep and smoky Bacon flavors literally make all of the other flavors of this Hot Dog come to life.  Farmland Bacon is my new Bacon of choice, whether I’m frying my Bacon, baking my Bacon, candying my Bacon or simply enjoying some Bacon & Eggs, this is where it’s at!  And just check out their variety~ Low Sodium, Thick Cut, Hickory, Applewood, and get this…they even have a resealable bag!  That’s right, no more feeling pressured to cook up the entire pound of Bacon (not that there’s anything wrong with that..lol), but now you can enjoy your Bacon at your own pace, whatever that may be..haha!

Make a batch of these unique, fun and tasty Tater Chip Bacon Dogs for the next game, casual movie night or, get this >> “INTERNATIONAL BACON DAY” on August 30, 2014!  YEP..Bacon has a DAY, so go getcha some Farmland Bacon, make these Dogs, and taste the sheer happiness!

What you’ll need for 8 Dogs: 


8 Hot Dogs

1 lb. Farmland Bacon

6-8 medium Potatoes

Oil for frying..I used Canola!


1/2 cup Flour..just for dusting

A “spiralizer” tool for making the twisted Potatoes.  You will LOVE it!  I use mine for Apples, Onions and SO many other things ..it’s so much fun!  {NOT PAID TO SAY THAT…LOL}   You can find one here >> Spiral Veggie Slicer!


Spiral slice all of your Potatoes, I left the skin on, but you can totally peel them first if you’d like to.  Set them into a big bowl of cold water and set aside.

Simply insert the stick securely into the Hot Dogs and wrap each Dog with one or two slices of Bacon, depending on the length of the Dog!  Make sure to wrap it evenly around so the entire Hot Dog is covered in the Bacon…

Now twist the Potato spirals around the Bacon wrapped Hot Dogs and be generous, they don’t have to be perfect, just tuck in the loose ends, here and there as you go…

Dust them with some of the flour..

And fry them up one at a time in about 3″ of 350 degree oil.  Turn them so they darken up evenly, they took a while for mine, I’d say about 8-10 minutes for the Bacon to cook and for them to get the color I wanted…

Drain them on some paper towel and let them cool.

Serve them up and watch the look on those faces…

Grab one..or 3 for you and dig in!  ~Enjoy!  🙂




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