So..I had the good fortune to try out an incredible Grill cleaning tool that has saved my hands, as well as my grill!  Mr. Grill’s T-brush design allows you to get in between the grates as well as on the top of them.  The (brilliant) long handle design, allows for on the spot cleaning of the grates while they’re hot, which I find is the best time to clean them.  No more burnt fingers and stuck on burgers!

The high quality brass bristles do not mark you grill and the solid quality of its construction is evident with every use.  And it’s so nice cooking those steaks on a nice, clean grill!

Check them out right here >> MR. GRILL!  Get that grill all clean before winter, and it will be ready and waiting for you next spring!  

You can find them on Amazon as well..right here >> Mr. Grill on AMAZON!

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