Whoa~  for a few seconds let get rid of everything you’ve ever known about breakfast, grilled cheese, and basically every sandwich you’ve ever had.  Open your mind, and your mouths because this one..OH..THIS one, is a show stopper!

I know it might seem crazy, but all great things are crazy right..not to be confused with all crazy things are great..because um..no they’re not..lol!   Anyhoo~  this morning’s mash-up will rock your world and totally shake up that mediocre morning meal like you won’t believe.

~Super easy, super flavorful and super unique..make a batch of these and watch everyone literally (okay not literally) lose their ever-loving minds!

Crispy crunchy, stuffed toasty Taquitos are glued together with umm..fried eggs, and lovingly surround melty, gooey slices of cheese, making this the most ultimate breakfast food EVER!  Heck..forget breakfast, this magnificent mash-up would turn brunch, lunch, dinner, or even a midnight snack on its head.  Go for it~….just GO FOR IT!  🙂

What you’ll need for one sandwich (double/triple/quadruple for more):  

10 Taquitos..thawed!

2 Eggs

4 slices of Cheese..I used American


On a griddle or pan, lay out 5 of the taquitos so they’re touching, let them warm up all snuggled next to each other for a few minutes.

Now pour one beaten egg over them, guiding it into the cracks and crevices.

Let it cook until the egg sets, and then give them a flip to cook the other side.

Do the same for the other 5 taquitos…so you have a top and a bottom to your sandwich.

Place the cheese onto one of  the taquito bundles, and top it with the other set of eggy taquitos…

Let that cook evenly until all the cheese is melted through and the taquitos have formed nicely together as one golden glorious grilled cheese!

Now, eat it and taste the magic in your mouth!  Some Salsa and/or hot sauce with this wouldn’t hurt AT ALL!  ~Enjoy! 🙂



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