Well, what can I say?  …I had a small city’s worth of leftover Candy Corn, as I do every year, and every year I insist on buying more..lol!  It’s some sort of mental thing with me, Halloween, Thanksgiving…must have Candy Corn! 🙂

Anyway~  no one ever eats it and suddenly (and by ‘suddenly’, I mean every. single. year) I’m left with orange, white and yellow sugar triangles all over the house!  I’ve fried it, baked with it..and now the only thing left to do with it is…Booze it UP!  And you know..it isn’t so bad!  Nothing like a semi-sweet, bright orange, drink of Vodka to end the day…or start the night!  Especially around the Holidays, when you can make getting drunk super cute and creative..lol!

What you’ll need:  

A jar


Candy Corn

Marshmallow Cream for decorating the rim..optional

Sprinkles for decorating the rim..optional


Simply add as much Candy Corn as you’d like to a jar, and fill it up with Vodka!  Remember, the more Candy Corn you add, the more flavor and color the Vodka will end up with!

Put it into the fridge for at least an hour or so, to get nice and cold!

Serve it up with a nice decorative rimmed glass by dipping it into some Marshmallow Cream or Frosting and rolling it in some colorful sprinkles!

Now drink it! 🙂

And YES…you can eat the drunken Candy Corn..haha! 🙂

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