O..M..G!  Let me apologize in advance, for I know not what I do!  This recipe popped into my head out of sheer frustration at the mundane and boring Thanksgiving leftover choices that area currently available.  I’ve simply just had it!  I’ve had enough “morning after turkey egg scarambles”..I’ve had enough turkey soup, enough of the god awful reheated soggy green bean casserole, and mounds of day old glue mashed potatoes!

We needed some new next day dinner ideas, something exciting, something that actually tastes good, something slightly shocking..haha!  And here we are!  🙂

Talk about a hand-pie gone wild, these totally tasty turkey treats are one of a kind, and not even a shadow of what they were just a mere day before!  Nope~  these babies take your entire turkey dinner and snuggle it up inside a deep fried, buttery and flaky crescent..THEN the whole thing gets plunged deeply into a bowl of warm gravy~~ and then, it becomes one with your soul..lol!


Gather up those plastic containers filled with yesterday’s holiday dinner hopes and dreams, and create something amazing!  Go…  🙂

What you’ll need: 

Leftover Thanksgiving Dinner~  all your faves!

Crescent dough, or Crescent Roll dough

Oil for frying~  I used Canola


Roll out the dough and cut out approx. 4″ circles~

Fill one side with a small stack of your fave leftovers in combos that you’d like!

Gently pull the dough over and seal the edges with a fork…

Fry them up one at a time, in about 3″ of hot (350 degree) oil.

Let them cool…

re-heat that gravy, and turn it into “Dip”..lol

Such a fun way to enjoy Thanksgiving all over again!

Dig in!   ~Enjoy! 🙂

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