Do you ever feel like you want something gooey-cheesy, easy-peasy and yet light & flaky?  Well, if you answered yes, then today is your day!  If you answered no, then clearly something is wrong with!  Just kidding!

Either way, here we are and do I have a fascinating and fun, fry alternative for you!  I’m talking about the most unique, tasty, and amazing fry I think I’ve ever had~  and the good lord knows..I’ve had A LOT..haha!

These fries are buttery, light, crispy and bursting at the delicate seams with gooey grilled cheese flavored goodness!  Dip some in warm Tomato Soup, or just make a pile to snack on…whatever you do, just MAKE THEM!  🙂

What you’ll need for LOTS of Grilled Cheese Fries:

2 packages of Pillsbury’s Honey Butter Crescents, but any Crescent dough flavor will do!

Velveeta Cheese ..I used the Sharp Cheddar variety, and you’ll need approx. 1/2 a block sliced into 1/8″ or so squares.

Oil for frying..I used Canola


First lay out each of the crescent doughs and pinch the seams together as best as you can.

Slice the Velveeta into thin  (approx. 1/8″) squares, and lay them in a single layer onto one rolled out side of dough…

Now top the cheese with the other dough layer.

And gently roll the top of it so it sort of smushes the cheese into the dough…

Now fold the whole thing over and gently roll it again, this will really get that cheese into the dough and it will become one with it.

Once it’s rolled out into about 1/2″ thickness, cut it into fry sized strips…

You’ll be able to see the layers of cheese throughout the dough…

Place them a few at a time into the hot (350 degree) oil until they’re golden on both sides..they ail also puff up!  This goes very fast, so try not to  blink…lol

Let them drain and cool a bit on some paper towel…

Serve them up with some hot Tomato Soup, or just as is for an incredible snack or light lunch!  ~Enjoy the most unique Grilled Cheese EVER! 🙂

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