I recently learned about this amazing, and fancy “Cheese, (but MOSTLY meat) board” called a “Charcuterie!  It’s basically a huge serving platter that has a main meaty focus!  Oscar Mayer took this delicious display one step further and morphed it into a “Char’DUDE’rie”..a super fun, and incredibly manly appetizer platter made for DUDES (and dude-ettes too..trust me)!  They totally Man’d it up, Dude-ified it, gave it a Bro-make over..if you will!  This platter isn’t filled with creamy cheeses and stalks of celery..oh NO!  This platter is filled with meat, meat..and yep..more meat!  With the occasional dude-ish style snacks thrown in for good measure, like chips, peanuts. caramel corn and hot peppers!

In this version below..we have PICKLES~  how AWESOME is that!!  🙂


Oh, and I decided to wrap a few Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs in some..BACON, you know..because YUM!

~So this is basically it..super easy and super impressive.  🙂

Now, don’t get me wrong..the ladies loved this too, but they at least used napkins, and um..manners..lol!  The guys pretty much inhaled it, in between channel surfing and burping..haha!

~Oscar Mayer was kind enough to introduce me to this manly meaty mess and I will be forever grateful!  I mean, this changes everything I thought I knew about cheese trays, and opened up a whole new world of testosterone-filled tasty treats!  You can man this meaty platter up with anything you’d like..anything you can imagine.  Just go for it!

Here are some basic starting points..but you can totally make this your OWN!  Serve with some mustard and any other dips you like!  ~Enjoy! 🙂



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Oscar Mayer provided the product shown in this post, all opinions are my own!

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