Well, the weather is officially cooling down now, and you know what that means…warm drinks!  Oh, and tasty, comforting treats!  So why not put those two things together and create one fabulous, delicious, warm-drink-tasty-treat?!  🙂

That’s what we have here!  I’ve taken everyone’s favorite cold weather drink and turned it into a decadent, delicious snack, topped with sweet Marshmallow Creme and Powdered Sugar…Oooh!

~Yep..a pop-in-your-mouth bite of Hot Chocolate that tastes like heaven!  Getchasome!

What you’ll need:

Pre-made Chocolate Cake..any kind, I used Cupcakes!

Hot Chocolate..any kind, I used Swiss Miss packets

Oil for frying..I used Canola

Marshmallow Creme, for topping..optional

Mini Marshmallows and Powdered Sugar and some shaved chocolate for a decorative touch..optional, but come on..SO cute!


Cube up the Chocolate Cake into about 1″ pieces…

Make the Hot Chocolate, and set aside to cool completely

Heat up approx.  2″ or so of the oil to 350 degrees.

Dip each cube of chocolate cake into the cooled hot chocolate, dip quickly so the cake stays cake, and not mush! : )

Drop the cake immediately into the hot oil and fry a couple at a time, until they’re crispy on all sides.  The color won’t really change so you just have to feel them with a fork or spoon, also…they will crisp up as they cool!

Once they’re cooled, top them with some Marshmallow Creme, and or any toppings you’d like, and dig in!  ~Enjoy this fun and unique cold weather snack!  🙂



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