Look at what I was lucky enough to receive..and try out!  A HUGE box of assorted Ozery Bakery products!  From the second I opened the box, the incredible, fresh baked aroma made my entire kitchen smell like a bakery.  I could literally smell the quality, and had to dig in asap!

From the very first bite, I tasted the intense and amazing flavors, and top notch ingredients and quality.  I didn’t even have to toast them or prepare them in any way~  they were perfect straight out of the bag.  However, I can’t wait to create and enjoy them in all kinds of ways.

Here’s some Ozery history and product info:

Every good sandwich starts with a stellar slice of bread. We realized just how true this was while making lunch one day, back in 1997. Tired of store bought bread, we baked up a loaf from our own family recipe, and passed it around. The hot bread had a chewy texture and smelled like fresh wheat, without any funky ingredients. From the first bite, we knew we were onto something. Certain that our customers would love the same fresh, flavorful bread for their sandwiches, we began selling them in the shop. Every day called for a bigger batch of bread, until it started outselling our sandwiches!

With so many people ordering bread in bulk and spreading the word around town, we expanded like wildfire. We moved into a larger building and hired a full-time staff to help us supply all the gourmet and health food companies knocking on our door. When we weren’t baking bread we were busy developing new ways of eating it. Enter Morning Rounds! We owe the invention of these breakfast buns to our multicultural family history. Born out of traditional homemade pita baking techniques and British tastes for muesli and fruit. Morning Buns merge traditional skills with modern sensibilities.

Ozery products draw inspiration from our grandmother’s philosophy of eating healthy, wholesome food. Our all natural, whole grain pitas are made without any artificial flavors, preservatives or additives. All products are certified as kosher under the Orthodox KSA (Kashruth Supervision of America) organization, so you never have to worry about animal products or by-products.


Check out Ozery on their social links below, and give them a try…you will have a new favorite!

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