Sometimes it’s so nice just to grab an amazing and impressive snack that you didn’t have to spend hours in the kitchen to create.  Especially now, with the big game just around the corner, we should take all the help where we can get it.  One of the BEST places for impressive, grab-n-go goodies is Whole Foods Market!


They offer top quality, ready to serve, game day foods that will make you the winner of your house!  The only stress you should be feeling is for your team..not your food.  Just look at how juicy, tender and succulent they are!  Let Whole Foods Market help you out, and in just a few minutes, you can serve up a spicy pile of wings that will create a totally tasty time-out!  🙂

Remember, no matter what you serve, everyone wins when the food is delicious. Whole Foods Market has a variety of wings for every kind of player—you can make your own or grab them to go. Buffalo, BBQ and popcorn chicken top the list of fan favorites and are available in 2 pound buckets. Whole Foods Market always has great three day sales on wings over big game day weekends, so plan to stop in and stock up for the party.



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