WELL..I think I’ve found a whole new way to enjoy fried cheese..if there IS a way to improve fried cheese at all??  …I think this just might be it!  🙂

And if this isn’t it, it’s pretty darn close..and at the very least, adds variety!

If you can imagine a slab of warm and nutty cornbread, studded with a sweet pop of whole kernel corn, and stuffed with gobs of melty, gooey cheese..then you’re close to understanding the greatness that are these fritters!

I threw it all together, watched the cornbread/cheesy magic come to life…

~And here we are!  🙂

What you’ll need:

1-15 oz. box of Corn Bread Mix

1-15 oz. Whole Kernel Corn..drained

2 cups Shredded Mozzarella

Oil for frying..I used Canola


In a large bowl combine the corn bread mix according to the box instructions.  Stir in the corn and the cheese…

Gently combine until it’s a batter-like consistency…

Drop approx. 2 tbsp. of the batter into the hot (350 degree) oil.

Fry them up one at a time, until they’re golden on both sides and cooked through…

Let them cool four a couple of minutes..if you can!  ~if not.. just GO FOR IT!  🙂

And then…EAT THEM!  ~Enjoy! 🙂


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