I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again > SOoo many of my recipes are born out of laziness!  And this particular ooey-gooey sandwich is living proof!  Delicious, cheesy, fun & impressive proof!

It all started because I had a house full of “starving” people sitting around (which is such a coincidence because everyone who comes over to my house is suddenly “starving”…lol), but anyhoo~  I really didn’t want to take all the effort time to juggle tons of individual melty sandwiches, listen to everyone’s custom requests, and spend hours stuffing, flipping and serving.

SO I grabbed an entire  loaf of sliced bread and did what any other lazy smart person would do..I stuffed the entire thing with meats and cheeses, and threw it in the oven!  ..BOOM, a masterpiece was created Just. Like. THAT!

I set the entire thing down and let everyone grab sandwiches to their heart’s content.  Each slice was literally dripping in cheesy sandwich goodness and the magnificent monstrosity of it all was the best center piece and conversation starter EVER!

I will never make a ‘regular’ sandwich again! 🙂

~And as a bonus..this is SOOO easy!!  Serve it with some mustard, or any of your fave sandwich condiments..and start ‘pulling it apart’!

What you’ll need:

1-1.5 oz. loaf of sliced bread..I used Sourdough, but your fave will work!

1 lb. sliced deli meats.  I used Turkey!

2 lbs. sliced cheese.  I used Swiss and American

~  Umm..that’s it!  But feel free to add ANYTHING you’d like into your sandwiches!  ..Bacon, Jalapeños, spreads, etc.


This is stupid-simple..so be prepared~  lol

Remove the loaf of bread from its wrapping.

Now simply layer the meats and cheeses evenly in between each slice.  As it bakes the cheese will become “glue” and hold the entire thing together like the amazing stuff that it is!

Bake it at 350 degrees for approx. 15 minutes, or until it’s all gooey and toasty and completely irresistible!

It looks good enough to eat like this..but just WAIT!

Serve it up and watch the fabulous feeding frenzy begin..good times!

I mean..just look at this beauty!

This will feed a small army, so be sure to invite a small army of ‘starving’ people over to your house..and serve it WARM! >>

SO it does this…

You can use a plate, if you’d like.. and it still looks GREAT! 🙂

Grab a slice (or 10) for you!  ~Enjoy! 🙂


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