Take a good look around this site, there is something you won’t see..like EVER!  You won’t see any posts about anything, health or diet related..that’s just not how I typically do things around here.  It’s not because I haven’t had MANY opportunities to spread the diet and health love, by way of products..believe me!  But this time..this one IS different!

I just couldn’t keep this one to myself, because these are just that good!

We all love to snack and sometimes, that snacking can get us into all kinds of trouble.  But not anymore!  Not with these South Beach ‘Good To Go’ Bars!  I’ve never had such a tasty and satisfying treat.  Not only are these delicious, but one (150 calorie) bar literally kept me full for HOURS!  And anyone who knows me..sadly knows how rare that is..lol!

I know what may have come to mind when you first opened up the box to find South Beach Diet bars… but I’d love for you to think again. While the product line stems from the healthy eating principles of the South Beach Diet, the brand is all about the brighter side of snacking – no matter if you’re on a diet or just want to eat good food that’s also good for you.

The new line of South Beach Diet Good to Go cereal bars allow you to snack happily on a tasty treat while giving your body the necessary nutrients for a healthy lifestyle! Each of the flavors of the Good to Go category are each packed with protein and fiber. They also have lower sugar than competitors and no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Simply put, they have everything you want (including taste!) and nothing you don’t.

· What’s in Your Bag? – Snack on the Run: Everyone keeps a little something to snack on in their purse. South Beach Diet snack bars are great on the go and will keep you energized throughout your busy schedule.

· Delicious Desk Snack: Keep a little snack stash of South Beach Diet snack bars for that mid-afternoon craving.

· Pre-Workout Snack: It’s important to give your body the nutrients you need before a vigorous workout. South Beach Diet snack bars fit easily into your gym bag and will fuel your workout! I personally love the Double Peanut Butter bars as a pre-workout snack.

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