Sooo, how have your New Year’s resolutions been going? know, the one about eating healthy, keeping calories down and staying away from typical fast food?  Hmmm??!  If you’re like me,, that lasted until January 2nd..haha!

It’s a constant struggle between staying healthy and needing that convenience, flavor, and…uh, more convenience..right??!  🙂

It always leaves me in need of a super quick, easy and nutritious I’m sure we’re all in need of, with the busy, fast paced lives that we lead!  Well, gone are the days of scooping out some peanut butter and calling it lunch (not that there’s anything wrong with  But we are worthy of more!

I was able to try out some of the best, fast, and super low-cal meals around, and my meal game has now forever changed!

Cedar Lane’s “Cedar Lean Frittata’s” are out of this world delicious and under 200 calories!  That’s right, a satisfying, healthy, and hearty meal, ready for you in minutes with almost zero effort on your part!  It’s TRUE!

CedarLane Natural Foods wants to help get those resolutions back on track – introducing CedarLane’s Egg White Frittatas, delicious meals that will keep you full longer.

Available in two flavors – Spinach & Roasted Tomato and Roasted Chile & Cheese – these frittatas are gluten-free and full of protein (10-12g) and fiber (5g). What’s more, egg whites have no cholesterol, no fat, and are lower in calories than whole eggs, making them a healthy choice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
With this much flavor and under 200 calories, CedarLane’s frittatas are bound to become your go-to natural food option in 2015!

Check them out on facebook as well!  🙂

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