Well..Here we go again with the shameless drunken bunny goodies!  I just can’t help myself..there’s something about these sweet, adorable, little innocent creatures that make me want to corrupt them with booze, in many, many fun ways..lol!

~And trust me..they enjoy it.  🙂

These little guys will jazz up your Easter festivities one sweet, boozy shot at a time.  This isn’t your grandma’s jello..OH-nope!  These Jello shots are filled with Vodka and adult good times!

~Be careful though…and don’t let their cuteness fool you, they pack a punch and before you know it..you might be the one providing all of the family entertainment.  🙂

What you’ll need:

1 box of jello

vodka..enough to replace the water in the jello recipe.

hollow chocolate easter bunnies

1/2 cup of chocolate almond bark for melting

whipped cream..optional



As gently as possible, cut off the bunny ears (save the ears for topping)..exposing their empty little bellies…

Set them aside…

Now prepare the jello, making sure to replace the water with the booze of your choice…

Let the jello cool to room temp.  It will stay liquified as long as you don’t put it into the fridge.

While it’s cooling, melt up the chocolate.  Dip each bunny bottom into the cooled melty chocolate  and place them onto wax paper to set up.  This will seal up the bunny bottoms which tend to spring leaks…  poor little things…lol!

When the jello is cool, fill up the bunny bellies and put them into the fridge for a few hours to become JELLO!

When you’re ready to serve, top them with some whipped cream and sprinkles if you’d like..

Then you can put their ears back on so they can hear all the “WOW’s” and “Ohh’s” and “Ahh’s”!

Now..the Easter celebration can begin!  ~CHEERS! 🙂


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