Sometimes you need a refreshing little pick me up. ¬†Something that you can feel good about, and that isn’t filled with tons of sugar and calories.

I had the opportunity to try out Positive Energy, and is fantastic!  Give it a try!!

“Positive Energy began with a simple idea from our founder, Mike C., who was in need of a great tasting, healthy boost of energy to start his day. This husband and father did not like the taste of coffee and was discouraged by the current energy drinks being offered. The market was flooded with synthetic energy drinks, which were filled with artificial flavors, artificial preservatives and exotic stimulants like guarana and taurine. To top it all off, these drinks did not even taste good.

He thought that there has to be a better tasting, healthier way to get the boost that is needed to lead an active day. Positive Energy was born to solve this problem and was cultivated as a healthy alternative to these current energy drinks.

Positive Energy serves as a refreshing option for anybody looking for a functional beverage which tastes great, is good for you, boosts your physical energy and increases your mental sharpness. It is simply fresh, 100% pure juice infused with natural caffeine from green coffee beans. Positive Energy is the juice with a boost! Positive Energy is the first and only drink of its kind.

At Positive Energy, we provide natural energy intended to be a force for good, providing the vitality to lead active and healthy lifestyles.”

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