OHhh Gosh~ I don’t create very many sandwiches, but when I do..they’re CUH-RAZZY!  I guess I just let it all pile up inside my head, and then go nuts with a no-limit, over the top, monstrosity…sort of like,,this!  ..lol!

Actually, even though this looks a bit uh..indulgent, it’s actually only 3 ingredients.  Three, amazing, incredible, irresistible, ingredients!

Let me just say that I will never again be physically able to enjoy pound cake that has not been buttered and grilled to a warm, golden, crispy perfection.  I just won’t be able to do it..the bar is now raised waaay up there!

The warm, buttery pound cake is literally glued together by that gooey, and melty Nutella..all perfectly balanced by the crispy, salty bacon..  I need a moment! 😉

If you want a quick and super delicious, impressive little dessert, brunch or wow-factored table topper, take a couple of minutes and whip up a few of these babies.  You will be LOVED!

What you’ll need:

One loaf of pound cake, I used store bought..but, feel free to make your own.

Nutella..enough for spreading

1 lb. crispy and cooked bacon

butter for grilling


Slice up the pound cake into sandwich sized slices, and butter each side.  Grill them up until they’re evenly golden and toasty…

While the pound cake is warm, smear on the nutella and add some slabs of bacon.  Serve them up nice and warm and drippy!  ~Enjoy! 🙂


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