If your favorite, most magical and colorful fantasy could come to life in the form of sweet treats, it would be THIS adorable, and incredibly deliciously decadent dream come true!  I mean, look at how cute this is, and it’s just the beginning!  Each bite is succulent, sweet and moist, with the taste of a homemade loving touch inside each indulgent morsel!

Harvard Sweet is  the Unicorn of the confectionary world in my opinion!  Check them out on FACEBOOK!

“Their specialty is putting together unique and spectacular dessert gift packages brimming with freshly baked gourmet cookies, toffee, and brownies. You’ll find flavors to suit every fancy, and box designs to reflect a wealth of styles. Our sweets are made fresh, by hand, in small batches, using only the best ingredients available – including pure, double-strength Madagascar vanilla, deeply dark Belgian chocolate, and fresh roasted nuts.

Harvard Sweet Boutique gifts are suitable for just about any occasion:
We are also proud to offer customized corporate gifts, event centerpieces, and dazzling wedding favors.”

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