This may come as a huge surprise, love for all things gooey and cheesy is alive and well..LOL!  As proven here..once again!  I mean, what’s better than cheese stuffed with more cheese?  ..UH..NOT much!  And that’s what we have here.

Each of these toasty, ooey-gooey balls of mac n cheese is literally exploding with miles of melty mozzarella in a one of a kind mouth experience like no other.

~Make a batch of these for the next game of day of Netflix binge watching and you will be in cheese on cheese heaven!

What you’ll need:

2 cups of prepared mac n cheese

whole milk mozzarella ..fresh.  Use a 1″ cube per bomb

1 cup flour

2 eggs

1 cup dry bread crumbs

1/4 cup grated parmesan

oil for frying..I used canola


In a large bowl combine the mac n cheese with the flour…

Add in the beaten eggs, stir well to combine…

Cube up the mozzarella into 1″ cubes…

Add the bread crumbs and the grated park into a shallow bowl..mix to combine.

Take about 2 tbsp. of the mac n cheese mixture and mold it around a cheese cube.  **This is a MESSY job..but SO worth it!

Plop it down into the bread crumbs and evenly coat the bombs.

Now it will be easier to handle.  Place them on a plate and into the freezer while the oil heats up to 350 degrees.

Fry them up, one at a time until they’re evenly golden on all sides.  Serve them super warm and gooey!  ~Enjoy! 🙂

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