This month my Whole Foods Market foodie-feature is showcasing the incredible Blueberry!  Yep, that scrumptious little berry that packs a huge punch of health benefits and flavor!

This time I’ve shaken things up and switched out the typical and much loved Strawberry Shortcake for this incredible little silvery, blue pop of amazement!

If it’s good enough for the strawberry, it’s good enough for the blueberry as well.. right??  …RIGHT! 🙂

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Take a peek at their charming and delicious qualities~

How to pick the best berries:
· Berries should be uniformly and richly colored.
· Don’t worry about the hazy white “bloom” on blueberries – that’s a normal bloom berries form as a protective shield from the sun.
· Avoid berries with brown patches or discoloring, which could indicate under-ripe or damaged berries.
· Size doesn’t really affect the flavor profile of the berries, though tiny berries can be more concentrated in flavor.
· Wild berries tend to be much smaller than their cultivated counterparts.
· Berries should be plump and firm.
· If berries are wrinkled or shrunken, they may be drying out and past their prime.
Anything Else?
· Berries should be dry and intact – if the berry carton is wet or has splotches of juice on the sides, some of the berries are likely overripe and could be moldy.
· A good test is to give the container a gentle shake – the berries should move freely in the package.

Storing berries:
· Don’t wash berries until you’re just about to serve them
· Store your berries in the refrigerator
· For maximum enjoyment, consume berries as soon as possible after purchase. (I mean really, why wait?)

What you’ll need for 2 shortcakes:

2 cups fresh blueberries

1/2 cup sugar

2 cups whipped cream, and/or cool whip

Shortcake/Sponge cake..I used store bought, can make your own..YUM!


In a small sauce pot combine the blueberries with the sugar, and slowly warm it up until the berries start to pop slightly and a nice sauce is created.

Now, simply layer the berries onto the cake, alternating with the whipped cream.

Serve it up and DIG IN!  ~Enjoy! 🙂


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