SOoo, I’m clearly on a Mac n Cheese kick right now.  You might not be able to tell, since I post these recipes at different times, but let me just say..I’ve been elbow deep in Mac n Cheese creations all stay!  🙂

This time I decided to do what should’ve been done a long, LONG time ago~  I stuffed some Jalapeños with rich and creamy Mac n Cheese, them wrapped them in bacon..  OOOoohh!

…yep, they were worth the wait!

The roasted, and slightly spicy pepper is beautifully balanced by the warm and gooey mac-n-cheese, giving your mouth a Jalapeño Popper experience like its never known!

~A quick and impressive appetizer/snack that will have everyone loving you like never! Make LOTS!

**Make LOTS!

What you’ll need for 20 plump poppers:

10 fresh jalapenos

2 cups of prepared mac n cheese

1 lb. bacon..strips cut equally in half


Cut each pepper in half lengthwise, gently removing all the seeds and veins.  **THESE PEPPERS ARE HOT..WASH YOUR HANDS AND DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING THAT YOU’D LIKE NOT TO BURN AND CAUSE YOU HOURS OF PAIN & SUFFERING**

Now simply fill each pepper with some mac n cheese…

..wrap the stuffed peppers with a slice of bacon, and bake them on a rack at 350 degrees for approx. 30 minutes, OR until they’re golden and gooey!

Let them cool just a little!


BUT..serve them nice and warm…

Sooo cheesy!!

I bet they’re already gone.. go make more!  ~Enjoy! 🙂

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