Well, Mother’s Day is upon us, and whether you’re a mother, daughter, grandmother, or dear friend, this is a day for YOU!  A day when we can celebrate all of the great women in our lives that have in some way shaped us, and continue to do so as we live our lives.  What better way to show that special person in your life just how much they mean to you than with an incredible, stress free, breakfast in bed?

And not just any breakfast!  Nope//I’m talking about an Ozery Bakery breakfast!  A delicious and wholesome Ozery Morning Rounds French Toast Breakfast that will have everyone smiling!

What you’ll need:

Ozery Breakfast Rounds

1 cup milk

1 egg

syrup for drizzling

butter for buttering

A griddle or frying pan

Non0-stick spray


Simply mix up the milk and egg until it’s well combined.

Dip the Ozery Breakfast Round into the milk/egg and let it evenly absorb some of the mixture.

Place them onto the non-stick sprayed griddle and cook them up until they’re evenly golden on both sides.

Serve them with some syrup and butter!

~What’s Ozery you ask?  Well..check this out:

Ozery Breakfast Rounds are tastable Fruit & Grain Buns!


Start your day off right with Morning Rounds, the fruit and grain bun that will make you want to ditch those unhealthy doughnuts, muffins and pastries. We only put in what’s delicious, like pieces of real apples, whole oats and seeds. With Morning Rounds, breakfast and snacks are a no-brainer—the hardest part is choosing one out of our four delicious flavors.

Morning Rounds are crafted with care in small batches, and contain absolutely nothing artificial.

Morning Rounds contain no artificial preservatives. If you don’t eat them by the “best by” date, FREEZE for freshness. HEAT in the oven at 400° F for ONE MINUTE for fresh-baked flavor, or THAW at room temperature to enjoy later.”


Like family, our Team Members have been with us since humble beginnings. Our bookkeeper has been with us since our conception in the sandwich shop, and now manages our financial accounts.

Having lifelong relationships with our Team Members almost makes going to work feel like going home.


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