Well..I’m late to this party, since I JUST found out that May is National Strawberry month, and it’s the umm…last day of May, but whatever!    Better late than never right??!  🙂

Actually these little handheld, Strawberry Shortcakes on-a-stick are totally worth the wait.  In cuteness alone, they’re worth waiting for, but then when you toss in their amazing flavors and the fact that you almost have to do nothing to get one or 10 in your hand ..you’ve got a winner!

~These babies combine the all American classic Twinkie, with the all American classic Strawberry Shortcake dessert, for a one of a kind, fun, fruity, cream-filled, cake experience!

Make a big batch of these on a hot summer day, toss them in the fridge and have a cool treat that everyone will love!!

What you’ll need for 4 servings:

Sticks..one per serving

Twinkies..one per serving

1 cup of melted white chocolate

Fresh strawberries..about 3 per serving


Simply and gently insert a stick into the bottom of a Twinkie, and spoon some melted white chocolate over it, making sure to cover as much of the Twinkie as you can.

Now, place some sliced fresh strawberries onto the wet chocolate and place them onto the wax paper to set up.  They set up super fast!

Keep them in the fridge for a cool and impressive summertime treat!  ~Enjoy! 🙂

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