Come on, it was only a matter of time around here until the glorious beauty of bacon collided with the bubbling beauty of booze..right?  …RIGHT!

I mean, what fun is doing a plain old typical shot, when you can do a shot and then have an immediate snack after? ..a ‘Bacon chaser’..if you will!  😉

And they couldn’t be any easier!  In a matter of minutes, you too can have your friends and loved ones completely concerned about your mental well-being..good times!

And let me tell you, if you thought you enjoyed your booze & bacon before..just wait until you’ve had some booze soaked bacon, it’s tipsy-terrrific!  This shot is fun, practical, and tasty!

Uh~yeah, people might think you’ve lost your mind, but as I always like to say, “sanity is overrated!”


Not to mention Father’s Day is right around the corner and these are the perfect little treat for the Dad who has ‘everything’..haha!  🙂

What you’ll need for 3 bacon-booze-filled shot glasses:

1 lb. thin sliced bacon..NOT thick cut!

Your favorite Vodka (or shot)..I think a nice Maple Vodka would be AWESOME!  They even have a Pancake flavored Vodka..SO much fun and perfect for the Bacon!

A shot glass


Some frosting…may or may not be needed.


Simply wrap about 3-4 slices of bacon around the outer part of a shot glass making sure to overlap the bacon to allow for it to shrink and still keep a leak proof seal.  Secure the bacon onto the glass with some tooth picks…

Microwave it on a plate for approx. 1-2 minutes, depending on your microwave..jut make sure that the bacon is golden and not over cooked.

Carefully remove the formed bacon from the exterior of the glass while it’s still careful not to burn your fingers, but this is a hot job..haha!  If you don’t remove the bacon while it’s warm, it will stick to the glass.  I mean you can still take your shot, so don’t just won’t look as cute.

When you’ve removed the bacon..manipulate it a bit to make sure it’s a shape you like and let it cool completely!

If you need to fill in some gaps in the bacon so you don’t spring any worries!  Just GENTLY smear some melted chocolate or frosting into the bottom, or fill any holes..and let it dry!

Then fill it up with your fave booze and slam that bacon shot glass right after, as the world’s best bacony-booze-chaser EVER.

~Enjoy & CHEERS! 🙂

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