When I think about food that’s fun, food that makes me feel like a kid again in the most scrumptious way ever..I can’t help but think about the good old..Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich!!

Is there any other sandwich that takes us back, keeps us here, or brings us to that place where all is good in the world?  ..No, there isn’t!

I wanted to jazz up that sandwich while still keeping it real, and authentic..  SO, I fried up little PB&J nuggets and created what might possibly be the best snack EVER >> PB&J CROUTONS!

Yep;..all purpose nom nuggets of fun that can be used in a million different ways, or simply popped into your mouth.  These babies will jazz up any party in an instant!

~Make LOTS!

What you’ll need:

4 slices of bread

peanut butter and jelly..enough to make 2 sandwiches

some flour for dusting

oil for frying..I used canola


Make 2 pb & j sandwiches…cut them into 1′ squares..

dust them with some flour…

fry them up in hot (350 degree) oil, until golden.

Then you can top a nice chocolate cake with them, for a super whimsical way to add flavor and fun to dessert!

And whenever you fry food, always be prepared for the worst by having first aid products close by!   I had the unfortunate, but ver fortunate opportunity to use some “KITCHEN 911”  by Triderma Skin Care, while making these little treats, and let me tell you, it saved me!

“TriDerma® is a line of true skin care products made with Certified Genuine Virgin Organic Aloe, moisturizers, and other carefully selected botanicals to target and help heal a wide variety of skin problems. In its mission to create the perfect healing formulations for specific irritations, TriDerma’s true products are made using only the finest quality, hand-selected ingredients.

The story of TriDerma began 24 years ago, when one woman struggled to find relief after having a dermabrasion procedure. Back then, nothing was readily available to help her skin heal faster. The doctor’s only recommendation was to use Crisco, the heavy, greasy cooking oil, on her face. Not happy with that answer, she set out on a mission to find something to heal her skin faster and, in turn, has helped thousands of others ever since, without harmful cortisone or other damaging drugs.

In the beginning, TriDerma sold specialized skin care products to doctors, estheticians, plastic surgeons and medical supply stores. Over the years, at customers’ requests, the company expanded its sales channels to make its products more easily accessible to consumers. Without changing its premium medical strength formulas, TriDerma launched its products into retail stores. ??To this day, TriDerma stays true to its medical heritage, providing powerful formulas that work to help those that struggle, both emotionally and physically, with hard-to-heal skin problems. TriDerma is a woman-owned, family company, which now has more than 100 product SKUs that are sold nationally and internationally.

TriDerma is passionate in its pursuit to create truly fast healing formulas using natural botanicals that do not cause harmful side effects.”

“True, fast healing… without a prescription”

So getcha some Kitchen 911 to have on hand, you’ll be glad you did!

Now go enjoy that chocolate cake topped with some pb & j croutons!  Orrrr, make a Chocolate Cake ‘Salad’ and add some of the pb & j croutons onto it..what’s a salad without croutons..right??!

~Enjoy!  ..and watch the quick little video tutorial below on how to make these adorable pb&j croutons!


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