Just when you thought you’ve seen every. single. variety. of JELLO shot known to mankind, something comes along to kick boring in the pants, and shake up the world of JELLO ..and SHOTS all in one terrific tipsy treat.  This IS that thing!!

Not only are these jello shots one of a kind, they’re also surprisingly delicious.

When your mind finally wraps itself around their amazing bright & beautiful appearance, your lips will have the time of their lives as they’re gently woken up by the sweet and slightly spicy flavors of Cherry JELLLO and sassy Sriracha Vodka!

The flavor combo is beyond…just beyond anything you can imagine!  And surprisingly, they’re NOT too hot at all!

These babies are the star of the show, and will make you the most popular person in the room…for sure!  🙂

Spice up any occasion with some JELLO shots that have the biggest ‘WOW’ factor on the planet, and will have everyone scrambling and swerving for more!

AND..these couldn’t be easier, of course!

So go get to party-planning and into the kitchen to create some of these sweet & spicy peppers of pure pleasure!

~Make LOTS!

What you’l need:

Fresh Fresno Peppers//…the red peppers usually next to the jalapeños in the store!  These aren’t as hot as jalapeños!

1 small (3 oz.) box of cherry JELLO

Sriracha Vodka…up to one cup, if you’re daring!

Sriracha…just a splash

Rice …just for setting up the shots..not for eating!


Fill a sheet pan with some rice, and set aside.

Split the peppers and remove all seeds.

In a large bowl, mix up the JELLO…

…BUT, replace ‘some’ of the cold water with the Vodka and a ‘splash’ of Sriracha (alcohol amounts are up to you)..the more alcohol, the stronger the shot will be, so use caution! 🙂

Now, place the peppers nestled down into the rice…

..and carefully spoon the jello into them, filling them up…

Place them into the fridge to set up…

Once they’re firm to the touch, they’re ready to share…

Remove them from the pan, making sure to remove any rice that may have stuck to the bottom of the peppers so they’re SUPER pretty…

And now you can take a super sweet & spicy shot that you’ve been waiting for…


But definitely don’t enjoy these alone, they’re way too good not to share!

Unless…they’re already gone…lol!  ~Enjoy! : )


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